Be a watcher of an apple and the friend of a fly

As we civilized, culturalized, urban citizen of the western world buy everyhing we eat
in our big supermarkets and foodshops, it doesnt matter if it is a cheap supermarket or an expensive organic, wholefood
biomarket, we cut ourselves off from one of the fundamental connections to mother earth.
The stunning fact of seing an apple, a fruit or any food growing, reaching its ultimate shape and condition until the need of harvest by a whole beautiful process in time and space, changes ones mind.

How much time, rain, sun and wind is necessary to let an apple unfold his whole nature and beauty and how less we are able to observe and be part of this process.
Witnessing it would change our consciousness and behaviour dramatically,
how could we eat an apple without awareness and sensibility which we saw growing for half a year?
The problem is that we eaquate nature with primitivity and cessation and thus made it to our dearest enemy by deciding to become a mankind, dedicated to profit orientated, technical, scientific knowledge based endless development and thus ruling over nature.
As Hannah Arend intruduces her book the „human condition“ with the loony wish of humanity to expand and colonize even the moon, the mars, yes the entire universe, (we are looking already for the next mother to subdue), without understanding anything on our own planet, called the earth.
If mankind will never have the possibilite and be able to have the patience and awareness to watch an apple grow and to try to fully understand its deep meaning and place as part of the beautiful mystic phenomenas of our world not explained via our scientific understanding but open, fullhearted with the sensiblity to become friend with an ordinary fly living in your apartment for some days (its life). How can we create a real deep friendship and become an open, sensitive, aware human being (the opposite of a robot), if we are not able to become a friend with a small, ordinary fly?
(to watch together, not alone the apple growing)