why to overcome family
the academy as an orphanage

as lost little orphans the art students are sitting or better hanging inside and outside the academy, like dirty ornaments, sticking and covering the old dignified body of the academyinstitution, smoking and drinking all days and all nights, celebrating their carelesness with an indestructable hope in their glance.

Doing nothing but kowing that one day finally their parents (galerists) will appear to adopt them , pull them out of their mud, to provide them with fresh clothes, a name, a home, pocket money, friends and a family.
But why human being cant stand this parentless situation why we are longing so deeply for a father and a mother?

The orphans are in a condition of nowhereness and insecurity, which could be especially for artistic reasons, an amazing place to be and maybe the only stepingstone for all kind of open and free expeditions into the void and the unknown. But there is no will to fly over walls or break through to the land of absurd or any higher strive then being accepted and selected by your own family and thus becoming a member to gain security and sureness.

Arent the parents the first authority for a
well behaviour and cultural education to incorporate ourselves into society?
If somone is rude or is eating to loud or behaves in any way wrongly or even is crossing the boarders of our law, the parents take the responsibilitie and are the ones to blame, how feels the mother of a criminal in our society?
This enforced relationship creates mostly tention, oppression and misfortune and directly and ultimtely supports the system.

But what if the children would willingly abandon their parents?
Could this be the starting point for a cultural revolution?

Art and life could be set upon a level of understanding its own existance and necessity as a path to open freedom its imperative to break any kind of boundaries of cultural and social refinements and oppressions in our existing system of system.

But wait for the next chance to leave the caved path and youll see
their glances striving around, watery and lame expecting the expected.