psychogram of a dog

The artist is in a state of general schizophrenia as his very own animal free instincts
were tamed and he became a part/member of our culturalized civilized cultural bourgoise hose-holding cooperation enterprise playing the part of the realestatesuperestablisher.

Like the dog who became the “best” friend of the master, we are living inside of a well structured state, we have enough to eat and drink, regular walks and discussions with the master.
Of course we accepted the ultimate addiction to him, we cant live without him and he probably cant either we both feel save and real by our firendship.

But if suddenly the very own leg tries to steal the bone of its dog, fighting against itself something is wrong or better right. In that very own leg of thedog/artist sits a rebellious energy, a force so strong that it can move bodyparts independently. The action becomes so sarcastic and dramatic because of the schizophrenic element inside, the rebellious leg insists/fights agains its own body on a self-destruction mission, these little sparkles of unknown energy only amuses the master as he knows its harmless for him anyway.

But the leg refers to our unknown fields of fight and terror the rebellious past and potential we forgot.
For our real mission, we have to compensate and transform this energy into an outbreaking downbreaking scream of rebel.