"my art deals with:
immorality, gender, sexuality, the past, culture, tradition, the body, complex complexes, truth, love, hate, corruption, faith, religion, egoism, paranoia, selfishness, the future, men and women, anger, aesthetical researches, post traumatical disorientations, the soul, the art market, fame, populism, abortion, feminism, minorities, success, the presence, failure, emotions, mortality, emancipation, glamour, fame, mothership, fascism, dandyism, multimedia, the internet, guilt, virginity, jesus, the 3rd world, ephemeral existences, site specific performances, public and political statements, fairytales, nightmares, postnuclear poems, adam & eve, facebook, illegal excrements, institutional refugees, the bible, the church, rupture, wounds, blindness, strength, power, isolation, incubation, injustice, adoration, holiness, darkness, the light, immortality, family, the earth, the moon, ideology, scientology, mathematics, the nature, god, the church, conceptualism and the spirit."