Artists, as we know them, are living and working within a certain cultural institutional system which chose and glorified the white cube as the standard format to show and present art. The white cube as a phenomenon can be found in slightly different versions all over the world, so if you are visiting the MoMa in New York or the Kunsthalle Recklinghausen in Germany, once having entered the actual space you will hardly recognize where or in which white cube you are actually in.
As a result of the inflexibility of the institutional structure and its assimilation of presenting and communicating art, the artists accustomed the white cube as their common environment (livingroom) of presenting their work to the public/audience. The artist can hardly withdraw nor is he even able or allowed to rearrange the structure and the constitution of the institution itself, as the institutions are functional and economical parts of the cultural enterprise.

As if the artists would inwardly agree with the fact of the existence of "one ultimate condom" and furthermore would not hesitate to share it with the other artists, reuse it over and over and by this finally subscribes to allow the cultural institutional structure to collect and bottle their artistic cum. The cum may rotten inside or become separated, labeled and stored. True artistic values and potentials are oppressed for an intentional increase in the value of the artobject as a commodity. Thus art becomes an impotent, dead mummy, pickled in formaldehyde, shown and presented to the public in its contemporary mausoleums.
The condom works in a perverted (as we use all the same) clean way, preventing any real
"feelings" and possible creations.  Can we just let our scum being collected by creating and producing endlessly without thinking of how to present and communicate our work in the world? Exhibiting work in a gallery doesnt mean to give all responsibilities away to let the gallerist take over the control and communication of your work and ideas. It seems just too comfortable not to be in the spot and let the dealers and critics work for you, but there true artistic responsibilty and the work of an artists just begins.
So should not we, the artists try to overcome the domestication and take off the "ultimate condom" to ejaculate liberated, creating a real fundamental emanation of our visions and ideas?

As a consequence of this, the artists should try to create and communicate their own individual understanding of presenting and communicating art and be brave and strong enough to express these demands and desires infront of the institutions and the public.
Only this could maybe lead to a new understanding of art, not only in
terms of art being a commodity or pittoresque signifier but with the sensibility and openness plus the drastic and energetic vision by the artists to present and communicate art as their very own real and authentic dynamic manifesto.